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Ok, The Romantist's next live is going to be held on the 26th of November (that's what I read in the Daum Cafe's and some other websites.) So, until we get some new material of the band, and hopefully finaly be able to -hear- instead of only see The Romantist, I'm gonna keep up our excitement over Minwoo's comeback with some picture or news posts.^^
xsangekix found Dongmin's (Dr.) cyworld, it's already up in the user info, if you want, go take a look at it.

It seems like Minwoo's Mama had joined the live to watch her son perform ^^.

Speaking of him:

Enjoy it, I like the hairstyle. :]

Here are some pics of YongJu taken before or after the live with fans:
He looks like a handsome guy. I'd really like to hear him sing.
A friend of him had posted  pics of their live on his cyworld using the title : Rose for Minwoo and Nippon Monkey (Nip+n M+nkey) for YongJu XD. I don't know if that's his nickname but poor him if so.

The Romantist~

Flyers for their next live , if you happen to be in Korea check out the area and probably get a ticket? Lucky you.

Here some more MInwoo goodies I haven't seen posted anywhere on LJ yet:

That hairstyle...oh boy. <3

 = *3* gotta love it

That's it so far. I hope you enjoyed the post. ^^ Please keep supporting The Romantist.


Sources:  The romantist cafe        The romantist website      End of the world cafe
Minwoo's cyworld, YongJu's cyworld (both listed in the userinfo)


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