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No Minwoo Acting!

[[[ok, I haven't been on LJ forever and on top of that im really really tired (it's 3am)..
so it took me a half hour to figure out how to post in this group XD]]]


Yaaaaaaaah~~ Finally some news on Rose again x3
He starred in two movies!
The first one is Story of Wine and the second one is Frozen Flower

Here is an interview of him about the Story of Wine
(unfortunately for us non-korean speaking fans it's not subbed.. *none of the vids are /:* but I'm just glad to see his face x3)

and here's  the trailer for it

omgaaaah~~ he looks so hot&cute x3 I wanna poke him :P
oh~ I also read he composed the song for this movie.. but idk, I can only find the OST from
SNSD for this movie..


nyanya~~ his role in Frozen Flower is very small T^T
I didn't even catch him in the trailer.. can you see him? He plays a warrior..

Here are the screencaps:

and the official pic (minwoo is left from the front warrior)

(credit pics: xyamapix@rosecourt.LJ

Looks like a good movie tho ;D
Here's a pic of him:

*dang he's hot*
(lol at the girls face)

well, there is so much news, but I'm really to tired to post it..
it's a shame there are no one else updates in here..
Anyways.. I hope we will finally see some more of him!!


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