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Hi everyone, I am new here and ofcourse I also love Rose!
I really miss seeing him, wish the Romantist would bring out an album or whatever..
Anyways, look what I've found!!


A fancam recorded a performance of the Romantist! I was so happy when I saw this (X
I don't know if anyone posted this already, if so, I'm sorry ^-^;

I really like their sound, Rose is good with the guitar <3

I hope you liked (;

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Wow, they're making a cover of Hyde's Sweet Vanilla!!! *O*
It makes me happy to see Rose playing a Hyde's song *O*
I prefer seeing Rose though XD
Thanks for sharing! This was a very nice after-work surprise for me. :D I wish they would release an album or something too!
NP!! (X

yea, I don't understand why they only perform underground T_T
This essentially just won my LIFE.

I love you. <3

I love this fan.

I love MinWoo.

And I love the rest, too- though, YongJu's voice seemed quite... Japanese-ee (hope no one takes offense to that!). A band a lot of people probably haven't heard of, but it almost reminds me of Gullet or Galruda...


July 18 2007, 23:04:28 UTC 10 years ago

i love Rose in here, but the vocalist ... his voice is drownedby the guitars and drums.
thank you for posting this video on your site.
i really really enjoyed it.
i love rose and i am waiting for him to comeback.
i heard that he is gonna act now?
(i heard that he used to be an actor when he was a kid)
i am happy to see that many ppl are cheering for him like me.
oooh, cool, is he gonna play in a movie? or drama? wah, I really wanna see him (=
thnx for the vid upload :3

maaan...tbh tho i thought rose would be better at the guitar :( for some odd reason i imagined him to be at miyavi's level! hahaha :D
Wow.. The last comment was quite a while ago..

I've been listening to The Trax for not that long. I actually only have the Paradox single and hope to get more. I had known that Rose left the band (since he is my favorite), but I didn't know what happened to him. It's nice to see he's still in the music business.