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theromantist's Journal

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Drums :
서동민 (Seo DongMin)


Bass: 박주경 (Park JuKyung)


Vocals: 조용주 (Jo YongJu)


Guitar: 노민우 (No MinWoo)

The ROMANTiST is pure live love

This is an open membership community, meaning all are welcome to join :D. All posts related to the band or individual members are more than welcome, but off-topic posts should be discussed with mods and marked as such before being posted.
Please remember to keep general chat clean. We want to be respectful to each other, and be a good example to the younger members of this community, so please keep explicit posts, fics, or rants hidden behind an lj-cut with the appropriate warnings.We reserve the right to delete or insert a cut if the rules are broken, according to the situation.
Members are encouraged to share their minds and opinions, but are fairly warned that flaming is not tolerated. If the discussion becomes heated, please sit back for a moment to consider the situation like an adult, for mods will handle it in an adult manner. If you have a complaint or concern about someone, please contact a mod and they will deal with it.
Please put fanfiction, pictures, fanart or large posts under a cut. If you are new to lj and don't know how to create a cut please use the "rich text mode" option listed under the field where you are supposed to enter your text update.
Media files (pictures, videos, music, etc) belong in friendslocked cuts, with credit given where it is due. Please don't hotlink, either, and link only to files that you have uploaded, or to the original websites. Remember, support your musicians by buying their merchandise, not only pirating.
We ask for the patience of all community readers and members as we gather as much information over the group as possible (It's still very new and there is little information on it so far). Please keep in mind that not everything you read is necessarily correct - there is a possibility that some information could be incorrectly translated, or that the information is purely rumour. We ask for your support as well, especially from those who natively or fluently speak Korean.

Contact the mod via aim: Roselite Ery
or via E-Mail: SilentJealousy@gmx.de