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newbie ^-^;;

Hey all! I just joined this comm yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to post until...well...now lol.

My name is Kurai, I'm 19, and I'm a little ashamed to say my main (and at the moment, only) interest in The Romanticist is MinWoo. ^^;;; The only reason I heard of this band is I've been trying to follow his activities since he left The TRAX. But as soon as I get to hear them play, I'm sure that'll change ^^

Speaking of which, has anyone heard their music yet? I'm dying of curiosity.

Oh and a leeetle pet-peeve... ^^; You know that video y'all were talkin about, saying it's Hyde's Sweet Vanilla in the background? and someone else said it was Hello. Well, you're both wrong. It's L'arc~en~Ciel's Honey. I have Laruku's and Hyde's complete discographies, so it kinda bugged me that nobody got the actual song title right. ^^; Right singer, but it was the band, not the solo project, and the three songs don't sound remotely similar. Sorry if that sounds nitpicky. ^^; I just woke up so I haven't quite yet remembered how to edit myself to sound all nicey-nice.

OK, well, on a different note... ^^;; ...um...actually, I've run out of things to say ^^; so I guess I'll see you all around and hope my little mini-rant didn't make you think I'm some horrible, anal person. lol. Cuz I'm really not. Like I said, I just woke up, and that kinda bugged me, so I had to say something.
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First of all welcome xD~ *waves*
now second of all there are different videos clips of the romantist's lives, there was one which was Hello and another Sweet Vanilla.So both were right and I should know Hyde and Laruku songs, they were my first fandom =D so... yeah xD! AND the one with the honey song was just a Minwoo fan vid and wasn't them preforming it o_o;
thank you ^^

nono sorry I must have misworded or something. the person who posted the fanvid said the song in the background was Hello. or Sweet Vanilla. one of those two. I remember seeing other posts mentioning those songs, but the one I was talking about was the fanvid. I can't remember off the top of my head which song the person said it was, but it was one of those two. It doesn't matter. my point was that it wasn't Hyde, it was Laruku's "Honey".

Deleted comment

haha good I thought I was being a bitch XD I'm glad I'm not the only one it bugged.

Deleted comment

no kidding! x.x I knew someone a couple years ago who asked if Berry was by Dir en grey or Gackt! Now THAT'S an unforgivable mistake! XD
ahhhh yes I just checked the post of the fan vid..... it does say Hello O_o; i guess that person isnt a big Laruku fan
apparently. ^^;

Oh hey, you mentioned them performing those two Hyde songs...um... has anyone managed to save them, or were they just streaming?
just streaming =________= and the one I saw got deleted from the drummer's AND the bassist's cy x________o
aw suckage. T-T I wanted to see it.
T____T yesh i know....... i really wish someone could have ripped them somehow....but there didnt seem to be any way of doing it