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Minwoo's Cyworld diary entry 2006.12.24 23:08

me"R"ry Christmas
Were you surprised by our new family member?
Bow! Turn!!

It would be good if it talks
our household doesn't meow
CEPO1 is more pretty "

Be careful of catching cold. It would be nice if snow fell
If so, spread your mouth and welcome it2

Let's make all patients happy today!


me"R"ry 크리스마스  
우리집에 새로온 식구하고 하면 깜짝 놀라겠지 ?
인사해 ! 돌리야!!

라고 말하면 좋겠지만
우리집 야옹이는 아니야
세포가 더 이쁘다 "

감기조심해요 눈이 왔으면 좋겠지만
그럼 입벌리고 ghksdud, 인데  -

ghkswk들 모두 행복한 하루 만들자 쟈 !

Note: Finally got round to translating again...
1 CEPO = aliCE PsychO. Thanks rose_ddalki~
2 I think it makes sense maybe...?
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