Prudence! at the disco (panithurman) wrote in theromantist,
Prudence! at the disco

hi everyone! i'm new here. i'm russian fan (i guess the only one in whole Russia))
i love Rose since he was in the Trax but he's still great and i respect him)) rose is love, so i'm glad to be here)))
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HI!! welcome to the comm :D!!

haha~there was a russian girl I used to talk to who liked Rose too OwO
really? so looks like russian girls like Rose))
Zdravstvui devochka and welcome to the community ^-^.
Keep supporting Minwoo and enjoy your stay.
heh)))) zdravstvuj, mod))) nice to meet you and thanks for such a great and stylish community)
Spasiba, sorry I have the cyrillic keyboard system off. :] And you are very welcome ^-^

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wow! do you remember anything about Russia? *_*

Deleted comment

aww.. that damned tradition to make kids recite poems)))

surely i can help you. what can i do?

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i think i can help you)

no, only yahoo messenger
I was born in Perm, but we moved to Germany when I was 5.
I can't read cyrillic either, but I'm sorta-kinda trying to learn.

Welcome to the comm. ^__^
well good luck, russian is damne hard to learn X_X
Hello!And Welcome to the community,^^
hi! thank you!