aliceofoz (aliceofoz) wrote in theromantist,

HeLLo!! I'm NeW!! ^0^

I'm new! I joined this community a few minutes ago! I'm Korean fan, and I live in Seoul. I'm not used to American websites, so I had a hard time finding the posting page^-^. And I'm not that good at English, so I'm having a hard time writing right now. T.T Anyway, this community was issued at MinWoo's cyworld, and I joined right away.

Few days ago, I uploaded some picture at R's cyworld, and he gave me three comments. So my name is quite known among Korean Patients. :D Oh, and my Korean name's 박현.

And I have some questions..

What countries are you from?
Are there any Korean Patients here??

Gosh.. It is so hard to write in English.. lol lol lol
Please give me some comments! ♥ ^.^
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